Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bigger Little Girl

I'm sure some of you will remember this post from way back in June, it was one of your favorites judging by the number of comments it generated. It was all about how grown up Ellie was starting to look. I've been thinking about that post a lot lately because it doesn't seem like all that long ago I was putting that post together, and I know how much she's changed since even then. But then again, it was 16 weeks ago and 16 weeks in baby-time is a long time. For babies. Not for Mommies.


I just realized if I had taken the picture before she gotten her bath and her p.j.s on she might have been wearing the same outfit in both pictures. That would have been clever.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 Months Young

Today is Ellie's 10 month birthday, and it was a pretty monumental day for her. I went in get her up this morning and found her like this.

{mad because I went and got my camera instead of getting her up}

Sitting up in the crib means standing up in the crib won't be far behind, so it's finally time to remove the mobile and lower the mattress. Check.

She discovered the dog's water dishes (oh joy) a few days ago, but today she learned she can get to them from anywhere in the house, even if it means going under the kitchen table.

And today, for the first time, she came to find me after I disappeared around a corner.

She hasn't quite figured out that step yet, but as quickly as she picked up her other new crawling skills this can't be far behind.

And it seems today she's decided she's a belly sleeper, although it looks kind of like she just collapsed this way from her new sitting position.

I can't believe I have a 10 month old.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

And Away She Goes

Well, hurricane Hanna is on her way and it's pouring down rain here, accidents all over, and the worst is yet to come. All our plans for the day have been ruined. Doggy swim day at the pool, our first year we were actually going to be in town for it, obviously not happening. A trip down to Aunt S.'s for a barbecue, roads too dangerous and who knows what it will be like later when the real storm and high winds roll in. So, we're hanging out at home.

The point of this post isn't the hurricane though. After practicing for weeks and getting closer and closer, Ellie learned how to crawl yesterday. It was a few tentative forward moves with her knees in the morning, and by the evening she had gotten pretty good at it (see video). Today it's pretty clear she's figured it out and there's no stopping her.