Monday, September 28, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Leave it to Emily to get me back here blogging. Shame on me.

As a little welcome-to-fall contest, Emily listed 10 photos to take and we were to pick 8 to blog about. I'm not sure if this will count because I didn't specifically take these photos for the contest, but I needed an excuse to update the blog before September ends. So, here's my list.

#1 Something I need every day Easy. I need coffee. Every day. Black. Hot. Strong. Many cups. I'm sipping one right now. Yum.

#2 Something I've once lost, finally found I used to do all sorts of crazy things back in my younger days. But moving out to the DC area from Colorado, settling into a marriage, buying a house, becoming a mom. Somewhere in there I seem to have lost my sense of adventure. I found it again on our recent trip to Hawaii where I was very reluctantly convinced to take a sunrise bike ride down the side of a volcano. It was awesome.

#3 A happy place in my house I love our house, it has a lot of little happy places for me. But my favorite right now is the floor of Ellie's bedroom where we cuddle and read books before bed.

#4 A picture of a picture I made these little photo cubes for Father's Day this year. Aren't they cute? It's on my list of things to blog about.

#5 A favorite book One of the things that I'm really enjoying these days is the creativity that's inspired in me by some of my on-line mommy friends through various "swaps" that I've participated in. I'm not usually satisfied with my contribution, but I'm amazed at, and in awe of what I have gotten in return. One of those things was a beautiful scrap book of Ellie's first year, artfully crafted by Jennie using the photos I took every Tuesday. It is now one of my most prized possessions.

#6 My favorite color I just love the deep rich color of blue that water imparts on the world. The color of the water and the sky in the tropics contrasted with the white of billowing clouds and breaking waves, it's breathtaking.

#7 Something from my childhood This summer we took a trip to the tiny little amusement park in my home town that has been there forever. It has four or five little rides, most of which have changed since I was a child. But two of them are exactly the same - the merry-go-round and the little train. I have many fond memories of riding the huge (to me) Ferris wheel, picking which animal I wanted to ride on the carousel, eating snow cones and cotton candy, and impatiently waiting for the train to complete it's long, slow loop so I could have a turn. Ahhhh, memories.

#8 Something from my to-do list This is actually rather embarrassing. The blog isn't the only thing I'm hopelessly behind on. I hung this set of picture frames up way, way back in June in anticipation of receiving the beautiful photos that Emily took while she was here (something else on my list of things to blog about. Actually this whole post could be called "something I will blog about some day"). Photos that I still haven't ordered. It's at the very top of my to-do list, and has been for months. I WILL order these photos SOON. I NEED them. My house looks very silly with empty picture frames hanging all over the place.

And there you have it. My entry into the photo scavenger hunt, and a very belated update to the blog containing many previews of entries to come. Hopefully before the end of time.