Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

We finally did it. We fed our baby. Rice cereal that is, her chubby legs attest to the fact that she isn't starving. It was a mess and a hoot.

We had it pretty watered down so that, when we weren't quick enough and she'd grab the spoon, the cereal would go everywhere. Eventually we figured this out (Mom and Dad are slow learners) and would head for the mouth much quicker, so she'd just help us cram the spoon in her mouth and then suck on her fingers to clean them off.
{step 1: try to grab spoon}

{step 2: cram spoon into mouth}

{step 3: suck off remnants}

We're pretty sure she liked it because if we weren't quick enough in getting the next spoonful to her, she'd yell at us.

To try to contain the mess we used these nifty little towel things my grandma brought for us. They're still a little big on her but I just loved the idea of them - towels with a hole cut in the center and a tshirt collar sewn on. We have two and they're going to get a lot of use.


Anonymous said...

LOVE those bib things! It really looks like she is wearing a low cut bib and you can see the shirt underneath! Awesome! Glad the feedings are going well.

Jess said...

omg, i LOVE that bib...i must try to make that. i love the 'yelling' picture...hilarious!

emily said...

i am loving the play-by-play! Great expressions, and the way she grabs at the spoon with both hands is TOO funny!