Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tummy Time Fun

Ever since the "Back to Sleep" campaign was initiated in, I don't know, the 80's some time, it has been recommended that babies spend some of their awake time on their tummies for what pretty much everyone I know calls "tummy time." It's such a cheerful sounding thing. Something about the phrase "tummy time" elicits thoughts of fun. To me. Ellie disagrees. In the early days when tummy time meant basically planting your face in the hairy carpet, I can understand some discomfort. But even now that she has pretty good control of her head and can look up and around and grab things, it's still barely tolerated.

She starts out fine, even happy. Then you get the panic face, the one that says "Please save me."

And I'd say you'd better act fast, but really it's already too late.

Oh, the horror.


AllisonDacia said...

as mad as she is, she still looks cute! and her hair looks like it is getting very light. cant wait to see her (and you) on saturday!

Anonymous said...

oh the "rescue me" face is priceless!

emily said...

cute "distress" photos! For Noah, he just got realyl good at rolling back onto his back, and now any attempt at "tummy time" is FUTILE. Funny kids.