Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day of Firsts

We took a trip down to the Mall today to see the NASA exhibit in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. It was a hot, sunny day so we didn't spend a lot of time at the booths, and we didn't get a chance to see the other two exhibits, Bhutan and Texas. We had fun looking at some of the cool stuff they had set up.

I won't say Ellie had a great time, but she didn't complain too much, and had several firsts. First trip into D.C., first time in an umbrella stroller, first ride on the Metro

and first time on the Moon!

Unfortunately, she slept through this major milestone.

It threatened to rain all day but, similar to Friday, held off until later in the evening. So much for "afternoon thunderstorms." Why bother with a 5 day forecast when you can't even do an accurate 5 hour forecast? I'm glad we didn't decide to stay home.


Bri said...

LOL, 1st time on the moon is a pretty major milestone to sleep through! :-)

Jess said...

what a cool exhibit! and she looks like SUCH a big girl in that umbrella stroller!!