Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Toy Hoarder

We got moving early to practice some more with my camera.

Then headed over to McLean for a play date first at a park where she practiced her contemplative look

pretended to be Grandpa G

and posed with her friends Jackie, Sadie, and Dacia.

Then we headed over to Jackie's to get out of the heat. This is where I discovered Ellie is a toy hoarder.

While I absentmindedly handed her new toys, she slowly swept up all the other toys within reach, and before I knew it she was happily buried and contentedly playing with each one in turn.


Jess said...

ellie is just the sweetest little thing...i love that she's a toy hoarder too! lol btw, your pictures are looking better and better. i guess *someone* is getting the hang of this photography thing, huh? :)

Beth said...

Oh, how cute is that. I'm sure she would have shared if one of the others would have wanted one!!! I love the pictures. I'm very impressed with your photography!

Melanie said...

How cute! My little boy does the opposite, he sweeps them all away from himself and gets mad when they're out of his reach. Isn't it funny how they develop these personality traits so early on?

Also, those photos are GORGEOUS!!