Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 11 - Par-tay

Sheeee's ba-ack.

I was really nervous that we'd pushed Ellie too far over the previous week and our reward would be a crabby baby for the remainder of the trip. But after a good night's sleep and a nice morning nap she was back to her chipper self. Phew.

Just in time for a party! The in-laws held an open house similar to the one my mom and step-dad had, inviting all their friends over for an afternoon to socialize and meet the grandbaby. It was a delightful afternoon and evening. Ellie did great being passed around again.

{with Grandpa}

She had a great time watching all the other kids playing, and they helped out a lot by keeping her entertained. Even the older folks got in on the fun. It was nice to see some people that we hadn't seen in awhile and meet some new friends. Party started about 4:00 and most stayed until well past 8:00. Good times had by all. And even though this wasn't intended as a gift-giving thing, I guess people can't resist shopping for baby so we got a few new fun toys, some adorable outfits, and a few new books. Suitcases are filling up.

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