Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 15 - Connections

Today was spent basically watching the clock and counting the hours waiting to see if we'll get to Chicago on time. Our connecting train is scheduled to leave at 7:00. I don't even know what time we were supposed to get there, but by mid-afternoon we were scheduled to arrive at 7:00. That meant any more delays and we're toast. They missed the connection on the two previous days. We're not feeling hopeful.

Woke up, grabbed breakfast, and back to our car in time to watch Omaha go by, along with Offut Air Force Base where they store the extra Air Force One 747s.

Got a bunch more farm shots.

The flooding in Illinois wasn't much different than it was two weeks ago. Not sure where I expected the water to go, but it hasn't gone anywhere yet. We were the last car on the train so it was kind of fun looking out the back window.

Otherwise, we really did spend the time watching the clock, listening for announcements, and tracking our progress on the schedule. If we missed the connection it would mean an overnight in Chicago, which they would pay for, and the next leg of our trip (another overnight) most likely in coach, they would refund our accommodation charge. None of this sounds like fun to us, we like Chicago but we kinda just want to get home.

We roll into the station at 7:00 and find our connecting train right next door. So, off one train and onto another. They'd already made dinner reservations for us and everything. It couldn't have gone more smoothly. Big phew and a nice relaxing evening on the train.

{right = old train, left = new train}

So, we head to dinner. It's community seating so we sit across from a nice older couple who just made same harried train connection. We start chatting and discover that the woman is none other than pioneering astronaut John Glenn's sister-in-law! Wow! They were returning from his grandson's wedding in San Fransisco. She is the only sister of Annie, wife to John Glenn, who has no siblings himself. So, being the only close family, she was there for all the exciting goings-on during those earliest days of the space program. How cool must that have been?!? An interesting end to a crazy day.

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*jess* said...

what a great trip...i'm so happy you allowed us to follow along on your family adventure! your picture taking skills are on FIRE! love your shots from the neat.