Saturday, August 2, 2008

We're Ba-Ack

I think it's a little funny in an ironic kind of way that the title of my previous post was "The End." It wasn't intended to actually be The End, though for you the reader (hi loyal readers!) it may have seemed like it. Sorry for the long, long wait. Now is time for to catch up.

The next weekend after being back from our big trip, we decided to go for a hike with Aunt S. at Great Falls National Park. It couldn't have been a more perfect day.


We walked around for a bit, sat and had some lunch, walked some more.


Got to use our nifty backpack for what it was intended, actual hiking.


True to fashion, Ellie proved yet again she can sleep pretty much anywhere.


We had a great time so I'm hoping we do more of this type of thing soon. It seems that we always put off doing these things until the end of the summer when there are only a few weekends left to fit everything in, then enjoy them so much we swear we're going to do more next year...then put it off until the end of the summer. We still want to go camping, anyone want to start taking bets as to whether that will actually happen?

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*jess* said...

that's too cute. that backpack looks comfy. do they make those in adult sizes? hmm. lol