Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Games, Part Deux

Several weeks ago I did a post on the game that is babyproofing, I thought I would update on the score.

I moved my sewing stuff out of the little wooden sewing box about a month ago and replaced it with little toys. She discovered the sewing box several weeks ago, but just this week learned how to open the lid. One point for Mommy.

We lowered the crib on her 10 month birthday, the day she learned to sit up in her crib. She started pulling up last week and last night stood up in her crib for the first time. Score another one for Mommy.

The stairs were hard. We needed to give the cat access to her food and her litter box, both in the basement. If we put the gate right up against the stairs she wouldn't be able to jump over it without tumbling down them, but a doorway into the kitchen kept us from putting it further back on the landing. We finally decided on two gates, one to close off the little side room and one to close off the rest of the house. It seems to work pretty well. As far as I know the cat hasn't jumped the gate yet, preferring to hang out where she is until it opens. But the dog can jump it, so that' After hemming and hawing over it for weeks, one morning Ellie decided she wanted to follow Kitty down the stairs and, while we caught her in time, it was close enough to get us to Babies 'R Us that afternoon. So, I call that one a heart attack inducing draw.

That makes the score 4:2 in Mommy's favor. Go Mommy. And Daddy, who put up the gates with minimal swearing and no broken tools, gates, or giant holes in the wall. Go Daddy.

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Rori Raine said...

I love this post! It made me laugh (not the stairs part though, scary!) Good job mommy on the baby-proofing!