Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Trip

We'd put off our annual trip up to the lake and summer was almost over, so a couple weeks ago we loaded up the car and planned a nice long weekend trip up to Sodus Bay, NY.

This would be our first long car trip with the dogs and the baby. During earlier trial runs we learned that putting both dogs in the backseat on either side of the carseat doesn't work. Ilow does not like Dragnet right next to her, Dragnet does not like not being right next to Ilow, and they were constantly jumping over the baby to get next to and then away from each other. So, I rode in the back with Ilow and Ellie, and Dragnet rode in style in the front seat. It wasn't the most comfortable thing ever but it worked.

Ellie had a pretty runny nose so we were hoping it didn't turn into anything too bad. We arrived late Friday night, my dad was waiting for us. Got a good night sleep. My step-mom picked my brother and his fiance up from the airport early the next morning. By now Pete and I aren't feeling particularly spectacular, but we manage to enjoy the day.

Then the sickness set in. I haven't felt that bad in a long long long long time. Pete wasn't doing a whole lot better. Ellie seemed fine beyond a runny nose and cough, thankfully. So, Sunday was a complete black hole. And we headed back home Monday.

A quick and not particularly successful trip, although it was nice to be able to relax in a beautiful setting even if we didn't feel well. Hopefully next time we can stay longer and not feel like death.


Chocolatte said...

that stinks about not feeling well! it looks like it was gorgeous weather there! i'd kill for some of that right now!

Bug said...

Looks like a beautiful area! I LOVE the picture of Pete and Ellie in the Hammock and you and Ellie on the pier! Sorry you both felt like do-do. Glad you made it home safe and sound and are hopefully feeling better now!

Say hi to Pete Ellie for us!
Kerry and Mark