Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthweek Part 1: Remembering

Remember when birthdays were on one day? Yeah, that doesn't happen here. We managed to stretch Ellie's first birthday over 4 days.

Before we get into that, I think I'll reminisce for a bit. One year ago we were asking our OB if we could go home before heading to the hospital for my surprise induction and he was recommending, given morning beltway traffic, that we didn't. At least we had an inkling that this would be the case and Pete had thought to load our hospital bag into the car. The whole thing was rather surreal, that we had left the house as two and would be returning with a third. I hadn't quite accepted this whole baby thing - 9 months is too long for some, not long enough for me. So I sit in blissful denial.


I was trying to remember why in the world I wore my glasses - I think it was because I wanted to see the t.v. And then she was here and we were parents!

And now here we are a year later. I think in some ways we're still in denial, wondering when her real parents will be coming by to pick her up. But mostly we're really enjoying the new monikers and all that comes with them.


Jennie M said...

So very bittersweet, eh? Looks like the birthday girl had a great first birthday! Congrats momma!!

emily said...

oh, you girls both look so sweet in that last one! I love it!