Saturday, November 8, 2008

Go Hawks!

Turned on some football for background noise yesterday and was very surprised to see our favorite team, the Iowa Hawkeyes, being broadcast out here!!! That never happens. We were very excited to get to watch them, and man what a game! So we quick put on our Hawkeye gear and popped some popcorn and planted ourselves in front of the tv for the afternoon.


I can't believe the Hawks actually pulled out a win against #3 ranked Penn State. We're still all in a tizzy over it. Hawkeyes Rule!


Dawn said...

That's awesome. I'm excited now because the Vikings are on our here!!!

Melanie said...

She looks so amazing in her Iowa gear! Love it!

Andrea said...

Yea! Go Hawkeyes! We, too, were quite amazed that we won. :)