Thursday, November 27, 2008

We have a cat?!?

That's right. In addition to the two very in-your-face dogs, we have a laid back and somewhat shy cat.

The cat has been getting neglected lately, and not just on the blog. She's such a sweet and special kitty, putting up with a cross country move that ended with the addition of a full-time dog instead of an occasional visitor, then a second and very annoying dog, and now a baby. Thanksgiving seems like the appropriate time to remember her and how thankful we are to have her in our little family. We love you Sammy.

Yesterday she got the joy of going to the vet for her checkup and she came back all clear, just gaining a little weight. So we instructed Ellie to chase her around some more. She happily obliged.

This is a new thing for us, coming home from the vet with no new things to monitor or worry about, no new pills to try to force down a throat. Deserves special mention.

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Kelly Deneen said...

Woo hoo for a good vet visit! Your kitty is cute. :)