Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Grandparents Pay a Visit

Still playing catch up. We're getting there.

Pete's folks made it out to visit near the end of April. They were here for about a week and got to spend a lot of time getting to know Ellie, which I think they all really enjoyed.

We finally got her sandbox set up while they were here, and she loves it. She had so much fun playing in the sand and throwing the sand and eating the sand.

Aunt S. was able to come up one afternoon so we had a little bbq and enjoyed the nice weather.

BBQ's typically mean food on people's laps or carried around. This means there's a lot of potential for food to be dropped, of which the dogs are keenly aware. Our dogs are pretty typical dogs in that anything that looks like something you might eat they want, and anything you drop on the floor they will eat. Now I guess we have to add Ellie to the list of beggars who won't be choosers. If the dogs want it, she wants it. And if the dogs will eat it, so will she.

Yum. So, why doesn't she eat what's on her plate? I really don't know. It's one of the many great mysteries of toddlerhood.


*jess* said...

seriously...why do they eat things off the floor...and NOT food on their plates?!?!?! btw, i HEART ellie! thought i'd remind ya since i haven't said so in a while. ;)

Bug said...

Too funny! Great pictures! She is getting so big!