Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catch up. Again.

Um, been awhile again. I did get pictures in those empty frames at least.

Ellie started preschool! We have a little daycare here at work that take children over 2, so once she turned two and they had an opening we got her in. It took some adjusting, but she seems to have settled in pretty well. Didn't even notice me leave this morning.

As referenced above, Ellie turned 2. It was another marathon birthday celebration. She's talking and singing nonstop, it's a lot of fun to hear what comes out of her mouth.

She made an adorable Foofa for Halloween. And Pete made a pretty mean DJ Lance Rock.

We had our kitchen completely dismantled last century and it is slowly coming back together.

My dad and step-mom came to visit at the beginning of November, and my mom and step-dad were here for now annual Thanksgiving visit last week. Both visits were a lot of fun, especially since Ellie is starting to learn what "grandma" and "grandpa" mean.

And now we're working on getting in the holiday spirit, welcome to December!

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Stefanie said...

You can play catch up anytime, as long as you post more pictures of that adorable lil girl!!