Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Jameson

Pete's cousin had a baby boy at the end of May, and they brought him down to visit Grandma as soon as possible. And who can pass up a visit with a tiny baby? Ellie was pretty fascinated. She was just learning how keys worked, so she tried to start Jameson with Aunt Susu's car key. Other than that relatively mild incident she was very gentle with him.

She wasn't even jealous about sharing Grandma's lap with her new second cousin.

And, by the way, babies grow fast. You'd think that'd be obvious but I'm still amazed when I see recent pictures of him. You will be to, if I get that far.

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Bug said...

I just love Ellie's BIG eyes! She seems to take in everything! :)Great pictures in both of your posts.

Thanks for 'stopping by' my blog! I am finding that writing write now is therapeutic! I love seeing what the 3 of you are doing these days!