Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Back to Iowa in July as part of another cross-country adventure. We took to the air this time.

It was a little chilly but Ellie still had fun playing in the little pool my mom set up.

{Grandpa Mac is so cute with Ellie}

When I was a kid the best place in the world was City Park, they had tons of playgrounds, the Iowa River ran through, an outdoor pool with a super-tall diving board, and a little amusement park. We did it all, rode the train and the marry-go-round, played on the slides, chased the ducks, had a blast.

Ellie wasn't sure about the merry-go-round at first, but in the end she didn't want to get off.

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Stefanie said...

OMG, lil girl + red dress surrounded by green grass = me swooning. I bet I'd have passed out if you had a shot with her blue eyes AND the red dress AND the green grass.....