Thursday, March 18, 2010


I realized that I missed an entire 6 months of Ellie's life on this here blog *shock*. And it was a busy 6 months. And these were an important 6 months for many reasons, but one really important reason. Pete's grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, making our visits with her over the last 6 months some of our last. And they were great visits. So, I'm going to catch up on the missed months as best I can.

Starting with our visit with Grandma in June. It was a gorgeous weekend so we sat on the front porch at the home and just enjoyed the weather. Aunt SuSu brought yummy strawberries, which Ellie LOVED (as did I).

I, being the brilliant and awesome mom that I am, let Ellie play in a mud puddle. She fell down. Pete was not surprised, nor was he particularly impressed.

And of course we had Ellie sit on Grandma's lap, a ritual that I had them repeat knowing we'd cherish the photos some day.


Bug said...

These are going to be great memories for years to come for all of you! Can't wait to read more and see more wonderful pictures! You take great pictures by the way! :)

Melanie said...

Haven't we all let our kid play in the mud puddle at one point or another, though? :)

Hopefully she sat on grandma's lap first.