Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Girl Bed Hijinks

We decided it was time to transition Ellie out of her crib and into a big girl bed around New Years. The whole transition went surprisingly well. After all the worrying we did about what the rules would be and how we'd enforce them, she adjusted almost immediately and we've never had to really lay down the law at all. Kind of a let down, almost. I'm not complaining.

At first we found her in all kinds of crazy positions, but eventually she's settled in to sleeping like a regular human, head on the pillow, blanket on, that sort of thing.

What she does do, though, is sneak out of bed and grab things to take back to bed with her. I've caught her in the act. She must plan out what she's going for before getting out of bed because she quickly runs and grabs what she wants, then runs and jumps back into bed. It's hilarious.

She started just grabbing some stuffed animals and an occasional purse or two.

{Muno, Cat in the Hat, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Beeker}

Then she went through a long phase of putting shoes on. Flip flops, crocks, slippers, dress shoes, but always matching pairs (not always on the right feet).

Eventually we moved the shoes out of her room. So, she started grabbing books, we'd find 4 or 5 books in there with her some nights. Then things got really quiet for awhile, and we kind of thought she was over getting up and grabbing random things. Then we found her the other night like this:

Not over it.

However, she does seem to be over "ninny." We told her last night ninny was gone. There were some big tears, but they didn't last long. Tonight she asked for ninny, we told her it was gone, and that was that. Kind of sad to see that vestige of her babyhood go. Again, I'm not complaining.


Dawn said...

I love this blog entry. So funny.

KFouss said...

So funny! Audrey does the same thing, but it's usually just books. When I check on her before I go to bed she normally has 8 - 10 books on her bed. I'm definitely ok with that. :)


joven said...

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Christine said...

This is the funniest blog post I've read in a long time, you just made my night!

Beth said...

I'm laughing so hard I think I just hurt myself! The one with the hat on is just the ultimate hilarity. I'm glad to hear that Ninny's departure was so uneventful - what a relief! Oh that my offspring were as good at rolling with the punches as Miss E.

Bug said...

WAY too funny! I am laughing out loud here in KC! Thanks for the smiles! :)