Thursday, April 24, 2008

Puppy Love

It's tough to find that balance between letting the dogs know it's okay to be around the baby without letting them get too wound up or sneak in too many licks. Especially since she seems to enjoy trying to touch their muzzles so much, holding out those enticingly slimy baby hands.

It's also tough finding time for the dogs like we did before, they certainly aren't the center of attention any more. I wish we could explain to them that, in a very short while, they're going to wish they weren't so much the object of attention and to enjoy the relative peace while they can. I can already see Ellie's little wheels turning as she contemplates how to get hold of that swinging tail.

For now, we're nearing a comfortable equilibrium. They get walks every day, and have found that story time is the perfect time to tear around the house. Since Pete gets up early, sometimes they join me on the bed for a morning snuggle before I start my day. Ilow still avoids Ellie for the most part, but Dragnet seems to enjoy the occasional brushes when her hands find his fur, and her grab isn't yet good enough to really grip his shiny short black hair like she does Mommy's.

{enjoying some quiet time together}

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cute cute cute!!!