Saturday, April 19, 2008

Visiting the Queen

With spring in the air we finally made the trip up to visit Great-Grandma (a.k.a. Queen Dorothy) again this weekend. Not that it's a long trip, but it's hard to find the time these days. The first time we visited was just a few days after Ellie was born, and just a few days after Grandma made her big move to MD after living in New York her entire life. It was a big week.

{Great-Grandma and tiny Ellie}

{Great-Grandma and big Ellie}

You can not only see how much Ellie has grown in the last 5 months, but also how much Grandma has improved in that time. She can really get around in that chair!

The weather was beautiful so we had a wonderful time sitting outside enjoying the view and just being out in it. It's supposed to rain tomorrow...blech.

{my first flower}

{the first non-screaming picture with Uncle G}

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