Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Outside At Last

Today I got to play stay-at-home-mom for a day while our daycare provider is getting over the flu. The weather was nice enough to load up the baby, grab the dogs and my new toy, and head to the lake near our home for a little photoshoot.

{my new toy}

These all required a little brightening so I need some work on my exposure, but I had fun messing around. Between a baby who doesn't quite have sitting up figured out, two dogs who don't like being left while I wander looking for a good spot, muddy ground from lots of rain, and intermittent clouds and sun, I think I did okay.

{the sun made a brief appearance}

There's room for improvement. Of course, as I was walking back home I noticed a bunch of spots that would have been better. Just means I'll have to try this again soon I guess. Ilow and Dragnet got their turns as well.

{my beautiful Ilow}

{metering a black dog is hard}


emily said...

These are GREAT shots for your first few months of practice!!! Don't knock yourself! And the dog ones are especially good. Don't you LOVE your new camera??

Anonymous said...

WOW, those are great! Ellie is a great subject! And Ilow totally looks like she is posing!

Jess said...

wow, you are quickly becoming quite the pro! i LOVE your shots and all the subjects are just adorable too. i especially love the second to last one of ellie in the grass. awesome.