Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 3 - Home

The weather here is so nice, very cool in the mornings and evenings, hot but not too humid in the afternoons. We had a day to just enjoy being back. Ellie got a sink bath to wash off the train goo.

Then we walked downtown and visited a few of the things that haven't changed and a few of the things that have. Seems like the area is starting to settle into a nice balance between bars and shops finally.

We stopped by Van Allen Hall and saw the tree planted to remember the victims of the 1991 shootings. It shows how deeply this event marked our little town, flowers still being left almost 17 years later.

Not much evidence of the floods up in this area, but down by the river there's still sandbags, a lot of silt and litter, and giant machines running non-stop to dry out the buildings.

Stopped by George's gyro stand, yum, then to Iowa Book and Supply to pick up some Hawkeye gear for the future fan.

Then to the Java House for a cup of coffee. The Java House wasn't here during either of our "glory days" but I wish it was. It's a great place to hang out, one of the best of the "new."

Then it was time for the first of two Open Houses my mom arranged so we didn't have to travel all over God's green state of Iowa to see everyone, a pure stroke of genius. People just stopped by when they had a chance, grabbed the baby, gabbed, ate, drank. A great mix of my old high school friends and my parents' friends. The best part was, because my 15 year (gasp) class reunion was a couple weeks before, a connection with an old friend was made and she was able to stop by for a little bit to catch up. It was so great to see her.

Ellie did great being past around, but eventually even the best of us need a little break.

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emily said...

this sounds WONDERFUL... I love revisiting "home"...

And HOW do babies fall asleep like that? No way for my kiddo... he simply WILL NOT! :)

Glad you're enjoying your trip!