Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 2 - The California Zephyr

Woke up in the midwest.

I forget how green the crops are, and how blue the sky is. After a nice breakfast we went back to the viewing car and watched downtown Chicago approach.

Had a few hours to kill in Union Station in Chicago before getting on the California Zephyr for the next leg of our trip. Mostly just camped out in the beautiful main lobby. Ellie napped, yay.

We just rode coach this time, and it was very comfortable (once we got all our junk situated, babies require a lot of stuff). Nearing the Iowa border we got a good view of some of the flooding. The water was literally right up to the tracks in some areas. If it wasn't for the submerged barns, houses, silos, and irrigation equipment in the middle you might have thought it was a very pretty lake.

Crossed the Mississippi into Iowa and arrived in Mount Pleasant only about 40 minutes late.

Pete downloaded the track from the GPS so we could see how far we've come so far. Cool.


emily said...

Oh, Amelia!! I am SOO jealous and excited for you!!

I am LOVING the train and station pics... the detail shots like the dining car.... I LOVE train trips.

What a memory! Keep 'em coming!

Anna said...

I cannot believe the flooding! You don't hear anything about it on CNN or the like anymore.

So far, so good with Ellie. Good to hear!

AllisonDacia said...

So cool. I didn't realize you guys were taking the train. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Jess said...

that is sooooo awesome! what great pics and what a fun experience.

Dawn said...

I had no idea the flooding was still so bad. I can't wait for the next update.