Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th

Had some friends over for a barbecue this afternoon. It was a very nice day, not too hot, a touch humid maybe, overcast. We sat outside on the porch for most of the afternoon.

Aunt S gave Ellie her watch to munch on. I'm sure it will dry out in a few days.

Then headed inside for ribs, baked beans, chicken salad, iced tea, and yummy lemon bars for desert.

Ellie looked adorable in her patriotic outfit and her sun hat.

Mr. R tried her hat on too, but he just looked silly.

Ellie was already in bed when the fireworks started going off so we skipped them this year, but we could hear them from the house. This is where I found my big, brave, protector Ilow.

In case you don't recognize it, she's under the crib.


Martina said...

i'm jealous that you got to sit out on the porch for any length of time this time of year!! i'da been a crispy critter if i'da done that, lol. looks like you had a great one! :) oh, and you're up for botw!

Teesa69 said...

Congrats on being botw...I loved this story...I love any stories told with pictures! That food looks so yummy (as does your LO!) LOL...

Samantha said...

I love how you post pictures of food. I thought I was the only one that did that. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

what a great time to be the featured blog - 4th of July lends some great stories to tell and I love the photos!

emily said...

yeah... that's just like my parents' dog. Ridiculous.