Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Baby, Little Baby

It's amazing what 8 months will do for a person.

I swore I would never forget those early foggy days, the days when I thought (very seriously) "Why would anyone ever do this again?" I've forgotten. Not even 8 months and I really can't remember what it was that made me so adamant about being done at one. Oh well, that's probably a good thing. Pain? Lack of sleep? It couldn't have been *that* bad. But it was. I just don't remember why.

Anyway, two of our closest friends had their baby, he's absolutely beautiful. And his parents, well lets just say *they* had *us* over for dinner. I won't post a comparison, but I did not look this together after just a few days.

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Martina said...

time just flies by...sigh...