Sunday, February 22, 2009

Helping Hands

Ellie has been helping out around the house lately. Either that or the shoe gnomes are back.

{all in a row}

{the helper at work}

Good thing she's so cute, especially in her new suit.

Thank you Grandma C!


Stefanie said...

I love it! Love the 'shoe gnomes'. We find tupperware lids hidden in random spots in our house too. It makes me giggle. And the swimming suit -- A dorable!

emily said...

ooh, glad it's just Ellie.Gnomes are NOTORIOUSLY tough to get rid of!!

Cute kiddo!

Amy said...

I love how she leaves a trail of where she has been. It helps you find her!

Anna said...

What a great little helper she is! We have similar gnomes at our house but they tend to take the shoes and sock off of one of Allie's feet and hide them. Makes for a lopsided and cold-footed girl.
And, please please please let summer come soon if only to see more of that swim suit!

Aurora Raine said...

Ahaha! Rori helps in the same way!

AllisonDacia said...

I just cant get over how cute she is!

Christine said... you have one of those helpers too? I love her swim suit, do you know where to find it? Ellie is so so cute!

*jess* said...

LOVE the suit. and i LOVE the evidence of her "help." CUTE.