Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Stroll

The cold weather this weekend has me reminiscing all the way back to...last weekend. It was so nice Ellie and I went for a walk outside without a coat on! It was her first real outdoor adventure on her own two feet.

I thought we'd just go past the drive and down the street a bit, but when she got to the corner and kept on going Pete grabbed the dogs and away we went.

The impetus for our walk were these adorable new shoes my mom sent her, mini Merrells! I love Merrells. And in miniature, just too cute.

Ellie did really great and walked a little more than a full block, and that included a daring climb up a neighbor's steep drive and the harrowing descent.

Pretty good for her first outing. It was really just nice to get out and not be bundled up for once. A wonderful taste of spring and what's to come. I can't wait!


Stefanie said...

Amelia, I don't think she could be ANY cuter. Seriously. Love the shoes, love the converted dress, love her beautiful blue eyes! Such a doll!

Kelly Deneen said...

She is so adorable!! And I am so jealous of your pre-spring day!!!

AllisonDacia said...

She looks so much like you in that last one!

emily said...

still ADORE these pics... the way you used the dress is PERFECT, and the shot with the sun pouring down on her is PRICELESS.

*jess* said...

i LOVE these pictures...ellie is just beautiful. and i LOVE that dress/shirt!