Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google Tag

Another fun idea from Emily. How to play:

* Do a Google image search on the answer to each question
* Choose your favorite from the first page of the results
* Leave a comment here so I can come see what you came up with

{my age}

{where I'd like to travel}

{my favorite place}

{my favorite object}

{my favorite food}

{my favorite animal}

{my favorite color}

{where i was born}

{where i live}

{a past pet}

{a past love}

{my best friend's nickname}

{my screen name}

{my first name}

{my middle name}

{my last name}

{a bad habit}

{my first job}

{my grandma's name}

{my college degree}

{what i'm doing now}

You're it!


emily said...

um, that's HILARIOUS. The cat lolling about, the bloody math illustration, the Jo-Jo comic.. well, ALL of it!

Love that you did this, too!!

(and poo on the DH for giving you dirty looks.)

Anonymous said...

I love this!! How cute is that turtle picture?? I also love the cat on the couch :)

Jess said...

you are sooo creative! i love this!!!!!

Amy said...

This is really funny. For your screen name did I see a "RULER of the underworld?" in the car?