Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 1 - The Capital Limited

And we're off! We started out at Union Station in DC. Departure time on the ticket was 4:05. Train left at 4:05 on the dot. We got settled in our tiny sleeper where Pete got the GPS going so we could track our trip.

Then it was off to the viewing car where we got a nice view of downtown Silver Spring on our way out of town.

The rail along the window was the perfect height for Ellie to hold on to, so she had a good time standing up by the window. She did pretty good, but it will be interesting to see if she's any better at this on the way home in two weeks.

Then it was time for a very pleasant (and tasty) dinner in the dining car, where Ellie quickly passed out.

Back to our sleeper car for the night. We played a few games of Yahtzee, watched an X-files episode, and headed to bed, Ellie in her carseat on the bottom bunk with Daddy and me in the top. She slept the entire night.


Jess said...

what a fun trip! and i'm so glad to see a picture or two of YOU!!!!!!! can't wait to hear more!!

Dawn said...

I'm so excited your blogging on the road!!!! I can't wait to follow your trip.


Beth said...

I'm so excited to heare your trip is going well! Thanks for sharing with us!!!